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I don't want to read my bible.

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I don't want to read my bible.

Motivation. Sometimes it's just not there. You're scheduled for a workout, a practice, or a match. You couldn't get enough at one time, but right about now it's hard to muster up any kind of desire to lace up, strap up, and get out there. 

Sometimes what I need most is what I want to do the least. Lately, that something has been spending time with Jesus. Well, more specifically, that something has been sitting down, slowing down, opening an ancient book, picking up a pen, and talking in my head to an empty room. 

My motivation is low, and I desperately need a shift in perspective.

When we sit down with the bible, we are not meeting with an ancient text, but the Ancient One. We aren't spending time with a book; we are spending time with a PERSON. When we pray, we aren't thinking or speaking to an empty room. We are communicating with a Father who loves us deeply and desires to speak with us. It's so much more than empty words read from a book, habitual prayers to pray, and journaling on a page.

  1. Have you ever faced a time when you weren't motivated in your sport?
  2. What about in your faith?
  3. How did God help you overcome it?

Pslams 16:8; Psalms 73:25-26

Father, help me to see you as the source of life, and not an addition to it. Please, change my desires. Help me want what you know that I need. I confess that earth has nothing that I truly desire besides you. You are my strength. Please remind me that I am meeting with you, not just reading an old book or praying to an empty room. Amen.

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